Astroneer Codes – (Active & Valid) – May 2024

Here are all the Astroneer Codes you can use.


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This is a complete list of all Astroneer codes currently active and valid & you can find all the Astroneer redeem codes available here.

Astroneer lets you explore and modify distant worlds. Astroneer simulates the experience of being an astronaut in the real world. Astroneer is a game for its beautiful graphics and stunning space exploration. Usually, free Astroneer codes reward players with freebies, which can be highly beneficial for upgrading their equipment.

The game is compatible with platforms such as Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, and Xbox Cloud Gaming. Astroneer Redeem Codes are highly anticipated by many players. Having read this article, you may be able to find out all the Free Astroneer Redeem Codes that are available.

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All Astroneer Redeem Codes 2024

Astroneer Redeem Codes
image via System Era Softworks

This is a complete list of all Astroneer codes currently active and valid.

Updated on:
May 13th, 2024

  • no active codes are available at this time

We update the list periodically, so you’ll have to keep checking back to stay up to date on new codes.

Expired Codes List

The following is a list of all the expired codes in the game:

  • not available

Please let us know if you encounter any expired Astroneer codes from the active list. The Astroneer expired code will be removed from the active code list and mentioned here.

How to Redeem Astroneer Codes?

Here is how players can redeem their Astroneer codes:

  1. Launch Astroneer and select Menu.
  2. Take a look at Customization.
  3. At the bottom, click More Options.
  4. Choose that and you’ll see the Redeem Codes option.
  5. Use one of the working Astroneer codes and paste it to get free rewards.

Astroneer Exo Outfitters Codes

Astroneer provides an amazing in-game shop called EXO Outfitters. It allows gamers to purchase customization items such as masks, suits, palettes, and hats. QBITS, an in-game currency, must be purchased from the shop to obtain in-game items.

1000 QBITS + 100 BonusSee the price in the Astroneer in-game shop
2000 QBITS + 300 BonusSee the price in the Astroneer in-game shop
2500 QBITS + 500 BonusSee the price in the Astroneer in-game shop
500 QBITSSee the price in the Astroneer in-game shop

Astroneer QBITS Codes

QBITS are Astroneer game currency used to purchase customization materials. You can purchase QBITS by selecting the orange Buy QBITS icon next to your QBIT balance.

You may also have the option of purchasing them in different bundle sizes and in addition, you may receive bonus QBITS if you purchase the larger bundle.

Astroneer PAX Suit Code

Listed below are the Astroneer PAX Suit Codes

  • Currently, not available

As part of the Astroneer game, the player is required to colonize planets, build structures, and gather resources. An Astroneer is the role that the player takes on in the game. A gamer can visit planets and activate their interiors to complete the game.

How to Get more Astroneer Codes?

Obtain more Astroneer Codes so that you can follow the game developers on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit. To get the latest Astroneer Promo Codes, bookmark this page and check back often if you prefer not to follow the Astroneer game developers on different social platforms.

Final Words

There you go, that’s all we have from the Astroneer codes wiki for now. We are sure you have found this guide useful, and if so, you can find more similar guides right here on LevelGeeks in the Codes section.


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