Flame of Valhalla Codes (June 2024) – Working Gift Codes!

Here are the current Flame of Valhalla Codes you can use to redeem essence, coins, and more on the game.


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There are Flame of Valhalla codes available that you can use to receive free essence, free roses, diamonds, and elixir gift packs, all the while immersed in Norse mythology.

Flame of Valhalla might be a good choice for you then! Likely, you’re already enjoying the game if you’re reading this guide. If so, these gift codes can get your team some free stuff!

We are constantly posting new redeem codes for every new release game that has just been released, such as Magicabin Codes, Moonlight Blade M Codes, and Order Daybreak Codes.

All Flame of Valhalla Codes 2024

The following codes can assist you in your quests. We intend to update this article as new codes become available. Then let’s take a look at the Flame of Valhalla redemption codes.

Updated on:
June 22nd, 2024

Working Flame of Valhalla Codes

Below are working gift codes you can redeem for Flame of Valhalla:

  • 9H1LRA – Redeem it for rewards (Valid till June 29th) (New)
  • NC1DI9 – Redeem it for rewards (Added on June 13)
  • 3ZDCBY – Redeem it for rewards (Added on June 10)
  • E7GTVJ – Redeem it for rewards (Added on June 10)
  • UYCJOG – Redeem it for rewards (Added on June 2)
  • YHMWBJ – Redeem it for rewards (Added on May 25)
  • Q8IXMG – Redeem it for rewards (Added on May 23)
  • W5A4ND – Redeem it for rewards (Added on May 18)

If you find any code that doesn’t work, let us know in the comments. Don’t forget to share any new or unlisted codes you find.

Expired Codes

Here are the Flame of Valhalla codes that aren’t valid anymore:

  • 7KPWVE – 5 Mount Essence, 10K Silver Coins, Elixir Gift Pack (small)
  • XZ53GN – 5 Pet Essence, 1 Rose, 20 Bound Diamonds
  • NCKM9I – 5 Guardian Essence, 10K Silver Coins, Elixir Gift Pack (small)
  • CFH371 – 5 Mount Essence, 10K Silver Coins, Elixir Gift Pack (small)
  • Z745R6 – 5 Wings Essence, 20 Bound Diamonds, 1 Rose
  • 91XO45 – Solid Gem Level 1, 20 Bound Diamonds, Elixir Gift Pack (small)

How to Use Flame of Valhalla Codes?

how to redeem flame of valhalla codes

Here’s how to redeem Flame of Valhalla codes:

  1. Start Flame of Valhalla.
  2. Press the Switch button above your controls
  3. Scroll down and tap on Settings.
  4. Click the ‘Gift Packs‘ button.
  5. Enter your code.
  6. Click the ‘Confirm Exchange‘ button.
  7. Check your mail for rewards.

Why is My Flame of Valhalla Code Not Working?

In Flame of Valhalla, there is no case sensitivity for the codes, but because of the mixed-up letters and numbers, they can still be difficult to spell. As a result, there is a possibility that some spelling errors will be made. Use copy-paste instead to avoid them.

Where to Get More Flame of Valhalla Codes?

Searching for codes on the official Discord server or Facebook page is your best option. Games developers often release new codes when a special event or achievement is announced. You can also earn rewards by participating in giveaways.

However, both can be quite spammy and distracting. In this case, you may bookmark this post instead. It is our responsibility to keep the working list of codes up-to-date so that you can benefit from all of those codes as often as possible.

About Flame of Valhalla

Flame of Valhalla is a realistic fantasy 3D MMORPG mobile game with next-generation graphics developed by Leniu Games. In this game, the player is immersed in the setting of Medieval Northern Europe, centered on the central element of Divine Flame.

It features classic Norse characters like Norse gods and valkyries, authentically portraying Nordic culture. You can fight alongside the Nordic people, symbolic of sacrifice and struggle, or explore countless myths and secrets.

Game Information

  • Title – Flame of Valhalla
  • Publisher – Leniu Games
  • Genre – Role Playing
  • File Size –
    • Android: 526 MB
    • iOS: 928 MB
  • Download –

Those are the Flame of Valhalla codes in a nutshell. More similar articles can be found in the Codes section of LevelGeeks. You’ll surely find something useful there since we’ve covered all the most popular mobile titles.

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